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Carefully Planned Outdoor Spaces

Truly effective landscape design not only incorporates aesthetics, it optimizes functionality. A well-planned outdoor space optimizes every inch of both landscaping and hardscaping, giving you a comfortable, usable and enjoyable space that suits your needs as well as your budget.

Our design and installation process includes: 

  • A free, on-site project estimate
  • An initial assessment of topography and environmental challenges
  • A personal consultation regarding wants, needs, and budget
  • A preliminary sketch including all landscape and hardscape elements
  • A final 3D rendering
  • Plant, tree, shrub, and hardscape material selection
  • Professional installation
  • Final cleanup and presentation
  • Client approval


By taking the time to thoroughly and meticulously plan your exterior living spaces, we ensure stunning results that will last for years. We promote the use of native plant species while spotlighting their beauty with effective layouts. Focusing on comfort, functionality, accessibility and overall enjoyment, our teams work to amplify the beauty of your property and increase its value.

With every project, we offer free lighting and irrigation system inspections. Guaranteeing the results, we’re confident that you’ll love every inch of your new outdoor space. If you’re not completely thrilled, we’ll keep at it until you are. Schedule your free project estimate to find out why we’re one of the fastest growing and most respected landscaping companies in Georgia.

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