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Whether you are installing a sprinkler system for the first time or need a simple repair or expansion to your existing system, our lawn irrigation experts can help you design a system that will ensure you have one of the greenest yards in the neighborhood. We handle everything from initial installation to part replacement and drainage solutions. Call us to learn more about our Sandy Springs irrigation services and how you could receive a free irrigation system inspection!

Our Irrigation System Services

  • Free Irrigation System Inspection

  • Irrigation System Installation

  • Irrigation Pipe Repair

  • Irrigation Pump Repair

  • Commercial Irrigation

  • Part Replacement

  • Drainage Solutions

Irrigation System Installation

DM Landscaping and Design has built a reputation of only installing first-class lawn irrigation systems throughout Buckhead, Sandy Spring, East Cobb, Dunwoody, and Roswell. Our professionals possess not only the technical knowledge of how to install irrigation system elements, but also the overarching knowledge to ensure that your sprinkler system is performing as efficiently as possible. If you want minimal maintenance to be required on your sprinkler system in the future, call us for the initial installation!

Irrigation Pipe Repair

If you notice an unusual pool of water near the outside of your yard, it is likely that one of your lawn irrigation pipes is leaking. Even a small leak can severely harm the efficiency of your sprinkler system. Attempting to fix a lawn irrigation leak on your own could lead to an entire Saturday being spent digging holes and trying to pinpoint a problem that you are not entirely sure of how to fix. Our experienced landscapers make quick work of pipe leaks and can have your system running with maximum efficiency in no time.

Irrigation Pump Repair

It is typically very clear if you are in need of a new irrigation pump. When the pump fails, you will likely not be getting any water out of your sprinkler heads at all. An irrigation pump replacement is not a cheap repair and can be avoided with regularly scheduled maintenance. For this reason, we recommend scheduling a routine landscape service with DM Landscaping and Design to ensure that all of your landscape needs are met.

Part Replacement

When our technicians respond to an irrigation system repair, they will often times find that the previously installed sprinkler heads are not performing nearly as well as they should be. Whether your property requires powerful sprinkler heads to cover large fields or small heads on a drip irrigation system, we want to provide you with only the highest-quality parts. We perform regular replacements of sprinkler spray heads, sprinkler rotor heads, shrub risers, impact rotor heads, and impact sprinkler heads.

Commercial Irrigation

It could be argued that sprinkler heads and irrigation timers are even more important to commercial properties than they are to residential properties. When it comes to large areas such as apartment complexes, schools, and government buildings, it is harder to keep an eye on every area of the property on a regular basis. By the time you notice a leak or a dead spot, it might be too late to bring it back. We are proud to service commercial properties in the greater Atlanta area with top-of-the-line irrigation systems.

Drainage Solutions

One critical part of our overall landscape design strategies is to ensure that properties are properly cycling water throughout their yards. If there are areas on your property that are susceptible to standing water, we do not want these to become a problem down the road by attracting pests or wearing down part of your landscape. In many cases we have installed subtle drainage systems to ensure that water that is not being completely absorbed by your soil is recycled to appropriate areas!

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