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Whether you need a fresh layer of sod installed at your Sandy Springs residence, or are looking for a new selection of trees and shrubs to be added to your landscape, we are the landscape contractors to call. DM Landscape and Design has been planting trees and shrubs at some of the largest residential properties in the greater Atlanta area for over ten years, and would be happy to recommend the right type of plants for your landscape.

Benefits of Adding Trees and Plants To Your Landscape

  • Make a positive environmental impact
  • Added shade from the sun
  • Added privacy for your home
  • Provide habitat for birds and wildlife
  • Increase property value

Tree and Plant Installation

Trees For Privacy

There are multiple reasons that you may be wanting to add trees to your landscape, and for many, a sense or privacy is at the top of that list. Your home is somewhere you should feel safe from peering eyes, and the right type of trees can do just that. Our landscaping team knows what type of trees to plant that will grow fastest on your property, and privacy is not something that you will have to wait several years to achieve while the trees grow.

There are many scenarios where well-planted trees are a desired alternative to fencing because of their natural look. A healthy line of trees can not only provide the privacy you and your family need, but can also be a lot more visually pleasing than fencing. Our team of landscaping experts can discuss which type of trees will work best for your property, and can inspect your land to determine where exactly they will need to be planted to ensure that they will live a long, healthy life.

Tree and Shrub Care

In order to have a gorgeous landscape, it is important to take great care of it year after year. Even after the initial planting of trees and shrubs around your property, our team is happy to provide continuous tree pruning services to ensure healthy growth and appearance for years to come. Knowing which cuts to make on different trees can help promote quicker growth and extended lifetimes for the vegetation around your landscape. Selective pruning of any shrub or tree is a task best left to experienced arborists, as we know exactly what your plants need!

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For over ten years, the attention to detail that we have carried out with all of our landscaping projects here in Sandy Springs, Marietta, and Dunwoody has resulted in many repeat customers and a loyal client base. If you are interested in learning more about tree and shrub planting or any comprehensive landscape design services that we offer, feel free to reach out, and we would be happy to provide you with a free quote!

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