Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are an excellent addition, and sometimes a solution, to any beautiful landscaping. At DM Landscape and Design, we use retaining walls for several reasons. We create front and backyard retaining walls that are a great addition to any garden, walkway, or landscape. Contact us today to learn more about retaining wall options and hardscaping.

What is a Retaining Wall?

So what exactly is a retaining wall? It’s a stone, concrete, or even wood structure that props up or supports an elevated section of your property. It can keep rock, soil, and other materials in its place. As your Georgia landscaping company, our team at DM Landscape and Design can help you decipher the different types of retaining walls and which would be best for your landscape.


The Function of Retaining Walls

There are many reasons why you’d need a retaining wall for support. At DM Landscape and Design, we use retaining walls to create leveled gardens, tiered walkways, and control erosion. Using the right Georgia landscaping company, your retaining walls will be carefully designed systems to control slopes, level land, and prevent erosion that could eventually harm your landscape. Call us today to schedule your free, on-site estimate!

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Aesthetics of Retaining Walls

Along with their functionality, retaining walls bring exciting visual appeal to your landscaping. This is one of the most common reasons our customers at DM Landscape and Design contact us. You can customize and improve your outdoor living space which only increases the value of your property. Being a Georgia landscape company, retaining walls give you endless landscape design options which allow you to plant stunning backdrops of flowers and shrubs.


Create a New Space

By adding a retaining wall to your landscape, you create a whole new space for hardscaping. Especially true for sloped properties, our team at DM Landscape and Design can build a custom retaining wall to create a level space for fun activities or gardening. No matter how unique your property is, with the proper Georgia landscaping company, you can get exciting hardscaping options by utilizing retaining walls.

Whether you’re looking for the right Georgia landscaping company or want to discover more about retaining walls and hardscaping, contact DM Landscape and Design today!

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